Exchanging help.   Enhancing community. ​​
Welcome to our social platform. We are a not-for-profit that links people who can help with people who need help.

​We accept trade of services, goods or jobs as a legitimate contribution to the group and as a way of bypassing money.

Our projects are directed to 3 main areas​:

Tackling issues such as gender inequality, domestic violence and  discrimination. Recognising the  importance of emotional development, respectful relationships, functional parenting and more.

Promoting and encouraging cultural diversity.

Supporting an ethical, respectful and sustainable approach to the treatment of animals.

Our Projects

Support group for parents with restricted access to their kids

Trading help

Intergenerational program
This is the engine of our work. We exchange help in any way, shape or form. No need for money!!
Click on the button and you will find two lists:  one for help offered and one for help needed. 
You can email us  to [email protected] and let us know how you want to help and what you need in return. Easy? 
We want to give Kids and older generations the opportunity to interact together in a safe environment. 
We all benefit from it. Get involved!!
Byron Bay's first parent group for those of us who have limited or restricted access to our children.  ​
Whether It is a  Hague Convention case, an AVO or any other form of restricted contact with your kids, we offer support in a safe and confidential environment to deal with the challenges and difficulties we go through. 
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